The MXL II Sport is for the pilot looking for easy handling and precise control response. Double surface wings and conventional three-axis controls combine to make this an excellent all around aircraft. Recreational pilots like its greater speed range while flight schools are especially fond of its smooth and predictable flight characteristics. The in-flight adjustable trim makes long flights more carefree and enjoyable. These are some of the reasons why the MXL II Sport is the best-selling, two-seat light recreational aircraft in the world.

But performance and handling are only part of

the picture. It’s proven design and complete

factory and dealer support help to make your flying as enjoyable as possible. And Quicksilver’s are the easiest kits on the market to assemble. Only basic tools and a few weekends, and you’re ready to fly!

MXL 2 Sport

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Quicksilver AIrcraft Australia is the home of Quicksilver Aircraft (or Ultralights) for Australia, South Pacific and New Zealand, for aircraft,accessories and spare parts. We supply ultralight aircraft kits or factory built ultralights. We are the factory approved dealer of Quicksilver Manufacturing Inc USA. If you are looking for an ultralight aircraft with an impeccable safety record and an ultralight that is easy to fly, then Quicksilver Aircraft Australia is place to come to for your ultralight aircraft experience. If you would like to fly in a Quicksilver ultralight aircraft then give me a call.

The MXL Sport is currently only available with the Rotax 582 or without engine, as the 2 stroke Rotax 503 has been discontinued. Some dealers are experimenting with the  US Hirth 2 stroke engine, and we are experimenting with the Aviator 4 stroke engine from NZ. Check out the Aviator page on this website for details, or you might be lucky to pick up a second hand R503, good luck if you can find one.

MXL2 Sport without engine    USD $14,537 *