STEP 2.  Once you have prepared your footing as per grid supplied, lay out the R1 and R2 sections as required for the span.

STEP 3.  Connect R1 section to the far right (or left) footing, and connect the remaining sections with the joining spars (which join the tops of sections) and add the cross bracings.


To show how easy it is to construct the RapidBuilt Shelters, we installed 1 x section of a 13 meter RapidBuilt Shelter (without Colorbond) at the Hunter Valley Airshow Spectacular at Rutherford Airport on 4th and 5th July 2015.

The beauty of the RapidBuilt modular shelter system is that you can generally assemble your project in a day (preferably with the help of some mates), or we can arrange assembly for you.

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STEP 1. THE MOUNTING SYSTEM - You have a choice of mounting systems, the temporary mounting (as we used for the airshow), the earth mount (with a steel 30cm disc imbedded into a 1.6 meter hole), or standard concrete footing.

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STEP 4. Using Wallaby Jacks or similar, jack up the middle sections and insert bottom locking pins.


It is at this point (for a permanent installation) that you would install the Colorbond for the first 2 x sections while on the ground.

Continue with the same technique (see diagram below) with the Wallaby Jacks for the remaining sections and continue to add the Colorbond for each section as you go.


Connect the final end section to the mounting plates.

When installing a multi bay shelter, you would install and lift all bays at the same time, and attach the Colorbond in one length.

The diagram on the left show the steps to getting to the final span, All of the installation is done at low level.