Quicksilver SPORT 2S


The Sport 2S that I have for sale has only around 55 hours on the frame and engine, as I bought the aircraft as my demo unit. I only have limited time for flying, and I have been mainly flying the GT500-912, and later the GT400.

The engine is the Rotax 582 (blue head) with the E Box, oil injection and electric start.

I have set this aircraft up over the time with the 3 blade composite prop, the electronic EIS instruments (Skydat) with analogue ASI and ALT on the nose, Black Max disc brakes, larger tank, tail wing wires, tundra tyres etc.

I am selling the aircraft for AUD$30,000, and if you are interested I have a set of Full-Lotus Floats with mounting kit that has never been on the water for an extra AUD$6000 (see example below).

The current price of the QS Eagle Kit (similar inclusions to above) is USD$35,999 which translates currently into AUD$,47, 200 (based on current exchange rate)

With this aircraft that is for sale, you get virtualy all the features of the "top of the line" Sport 2S QS Eagle.

Call me if you require any further info, email me,

or call Bert 0418 440575  or (+61 418 440575)

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Recently the factory have introduced 3 levels of extras for the Sport 2S (see below) and the top level QS Eagle has all the bits that this one has. The QS Eagle setup is basically what the LSA version has (minus the heavier axle). 

The current price of the QS Eagle Kit (similar to above) is USD$30,999 which translates currently into AUD$,40,655 (based on current exchange rate), plus GST brings it to AUD$44,720, add around $1600 sea freight and you come up to a total of around AUD$46,320 (and you only get the kit, and you would have to build it.) Add another 15% for assembly, that would bring the assembled replacement value up to AUD$51,428 plus freight.

The only reason I am selling this aircraft is that Quicksilver USA now have FAA approval to do the Sport 2S as an LSA aircraft. What that means is that I will be building the LSA version as an extension of the factory here in OZ,  and selling them as a “turn key” aircraft that can be used for training purposes. The only difference that you get with the LSA version and what I have on my Sport 2S currently, is the slightly heavier axle (which is only available with the LSA version), to allow for the stresses of multiple training landings, and a reinforced elevator tube. I cannot “back engineer” my aircraft to the LSA specs, so I have to sell this one and order the new kit, and I only currently have hangarage for 3 x aircraft.

To answer your probable question regarding the difference between the Sport 2S and the MXL2, from the back of the wing to the tail, the Sport 2S is exactly the same. The “cabin” is a bit wider and of beefier construction. The wing is basically the same construction as the GT500, but is a parallel wing without flaps. It is a bit heavier in the air, but that makes it more solid in heavier winds. I consider the MXL2 to be a light weather aircraft. This is a unique opportunity to buy a low hours, high spec aircraft.

If you were to buy the basic Sport 2S kit (QS Falcon), you would get the basic engine without oil injection, starter or battery and only get a pull start. The basic kit comes with a 2 blade propeller, basic B box, no instruments, drum brakes (very ordinary) and only a Halls Airspeed Indicator.